Butterfield Elementary School, 3rd Grade Team

Mrs. Gooden: tgooden@musd20.org

Mrs. Rice: crice@musd20.org

 Mrs. Roeske: sroeske@musd20.org

Ms. aokoro@musd20.org 

School phone number: 520-568-6100 

Looking Ahead:

Please check your child's green Bobcat folder for any written communication or school forms daily.  

*Reading Comprehension Skill: Review & Poetry

*Reading Comprehension Strategy: Review & Poetry

*Phonics Skill: reviewing all standards 

*Structural Analysis & Grammar: 

Math: Fractions; review all standards

*Social Studies: Democracy Studies Weekly Readers: 

*Science: STEAM projects

*Writing - Review General Writing Skills (indention, punctuation, capitalization, ending punctuation)


Specials Schedule

                                           Monday                          Tuesday                        Wednesday                              Thursday                                Friday

Mrs. Gooden:              Music                                Computers                         -                                              PE                                            Library

Mrs. Rice:                    Computers                        Music                                   -                                            Library                                   PE

Mrs. Roeske:               PE                                         Library                                -                                            Music                                     Computers

Ms. Okoro:                 Library                                PE                                           -                                         Computers                           Music



Story: A Bad Case of the Stripes

New Spelling Words:   5/4/17; Test 5/11/17 (Roeske Class)

Regular List                                     Challenge List   (none)                        

1. stripes

2. lima beans

3. plate

4. specialists

5. doctor


7. bottles


9. experts

10. scientists

11. reporters

12. virus

13. principal

14. remedy

15. favorite

** Next Language Arts & Spelling Test:    Monday, March 6th **

School Hours

Start time: the first bell to line up outside with your class is at 8:30 and learning begins in the classroom at promptly 8:35 a.m.-3:35 p.m. Every Wednesday is early release  at 1:35 p.m.

Box Tops are always welcomed. Please bring them to class, PTO collects them each quarter and class prizes are awarded to the class with the most!

Team Shirts can now be ordered online at http://squareup.com/butterfield-elementary-pto. or still with a check or cash. Forms have been sent home already or can be picked up in the front office.
SPIRIT shirt/colors are green, yellow or orange for 3rd grade. You may also wear any color of Butterfield t-shirt! GO 3rd GRADE TEAM!


Here are some upcoming events:

5/4 New Spelling Words (Roeske)
5/11 Spelling & Reading Test (Roeske)
5/10 Rehearsal for Talent Show 1:45-3:15
5/17 Talent Show 9:00 AM
5/19 Field Day
5/24 Water Day
5/25- Last Day of the school - Early Release (Report Cards go home!)












Welcome to our 3rd Grade website. We believe that  education and social development go hand in hand.Tailored focus on academics and the whole child means that every child will find a happy home here. Our classrooms are like a family and we remind the students of this each day. We want this time here at school to be a positive learning experience. We hope they go home each day feeling accomplished and cared for by their teacher(s). We truly care a great deal about your child!


 Character Counts at Butterfield Elementary!

The Six Pillars of Character are an essential part of the school day for our students at Butterfield. They offer a way for the students to make better choices and to conduct themselves with a general ethics code throughout their day.

The Six Pillars are:

Trustworthiness, Respect (yellow), Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship

Butterfield students work hard to be TRRFCC people of character.



Code of Conduct

Butterfield Bobcats strive to:

Believe in themselves and others.

Organize themselves for learning each day.

Be responsible for their own actions.

Care and show respect for everyone and everything.

Always display a positive attitude.

Treat others with dignity.

Show pride in our school.


Every Friday is Spirt Day here at Butterfield. Please wear green, yellow, or orange (3rd grade character trait color)!!!!!

 Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month is School Store Friday. Students can purchase items such as Smencils, hair bows and more during lunch recess. All money goes to PTO!!!



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