Butterfield Elementary, Mrs. Roeske, 3rd Grade, Room 161, 520.568.6100 ext. 2335


Looking Ahead:

 *** Please note the monthly project for March is due the on April 2nd ****

I sent home a March calendar with some important dates. Please see your child's Green Take Home folder for this information. I also included our classroom behavior plan and explanation. I have asked students to fill in their behavior for each day.

In Math, we have started our Geometry Unit. We will continue to work on addition/subtraction/multiplication/division facts (timed tests several times per week) as well

In Reading, we are on Theme 5: Voyagers. Our Story story is: Yunmi and Halmoni's Trip. 
*Reading Comprehension Skill: Predicting Outcomes*

*Reading Comprehension Strategy: Predict and Infer* Spelling & Reading Test Wednesday March 6th




Theme 5: Voyagers

Story: Yunmi & Halmoni's Trip

Spelling Words: 

Regular List                            Challenge List

1. caught                                           1. naughty

2.  thought                                         2. cough

3. bought                                           3. squawk

4. laugh                                              4. pause

5. through                                           5. haunt

6. enough                                           6. sprawl

7. fought                                            7. gnaw

8. daughter                                         8.hawk

9. taught                                             9. cause

10. brought                                        10. haul

11. ought                                           11. fault

12. cough                                           12. false

13. fault                                             13. launch

14. sauce                                           14. raw

15. sought                                         15.   awful

16. granddaughter                            16. bald



Class pictures (everyone included) on Tuesday March 5th. Individual (optional) spring pictures same day.

Wednesday March 6th, schoolwide picture with grade level colors (third grade=ORANGE).EARLY RERLEASE FRIDAY MARCH 8th @ 1:10

SPRING BREAK - March 11-15!!!!!*No school Friay March 29th and Monday April 1st*

Reading Logs and Problem Solving (on the back) are due every Friday, along with parent signature. If students turn in their completed reading logs every week, they will earn a Pizza Hut (coupon for that month)

Homework (if applicable) will be in your child's green take home folder. Please check this nightly.


Native New Yorker Night for Butterfield is always the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Just mention to your server that you are with Butterfield for proceeds to be donated to the school.

Congrats to Adam and Sandy for winning our class "Fairness" awards!

Box Tops were due February 15th!

Yearbook pictures needed. PLEASE VISIT community.lifetouch.com (the access code is FMHJNF which is needed to create an account to upload photos)











Welcome to Mrs. Roeske's 3rd Grade website. I believe that  education and social development go hand in hand.Tailored focus on academics and the whole child means that every child will find a happy home here.


 Character Counts at Butterfield Elementary!

The Six Pillars of Character are an essential part of the school day for our students at Butterfield. They offer a way for the students to make better choices and to conduct themselves with a general ethics code throughout their day.

The Six Pillars are:

Trustworthiness, Respect (yellow), Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship

Butterfield students work hard to be TRRFCC people of character.



Code of Conduct

Butterfield Bobcats strive to:

Believe in themselves and others.

Organize themselves for learning each day.

Be responsible for their own actions.

Care and show respect for everyone and everything.

Always display a positive attitude.

Treat others with dignity.

Show pride in our school.


Every Friday is Spirt Day here at Butterfield. Please wear green, yellow, or orange (3rd grade character trait color)!!!!!

 Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month is Popcorn Friday. Students can purchase popcorn, Smencils, and hair bows during lunch recess. All money goes to PTO!!!



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